Huntington Beach Girls Softball

2018 All Star Interest/Consideration Form


Huntington Beach Girls Softball League

2018 All Star Interest, Eligibility, Selection and Participation


Dear Parents:


Each year, the Huntington Beach Girls Softball League nominates and elects All Star teams. Typically, there are two All Star teams within the 8U/10U/12U divisions and one for the 14U division, occasionally additional teams are added depending on league enrollment numbers.


Before the coaches nominate the players, they need to know which players and families are interested in being considered. This information and electronic form are to give all players the opportunity to opt in or opt out of consideration for the teams.  This is not a nomination form and does not guarantee your daughter will be selected for a team.


The following is a brief synopsis of player selection:

  • Each Manager will be presented with the list of which players would like to be considered for All Star nomination and possible selection, based upon the parent completion and submission of this electronic form.
  • Of the players that submit interest the Team Managers will submit a list of 25 players total for their respective division in the order of the most deserving. The gold and silver teams will be chosen from these lists which will be provided to the league President and respective Division Commissioner on or after May 1, 2018.  14U Team Managers will submit a list of 14 players from their division.
  • All Star teams are finalized on or after May 1, 2018.


The commitment for All Stars generally lasts from early May to the end of July. Practices are held during the week and can be on weekends at the manager’s discretion.


Each team will have at least one out of town tournament and will participate in a total of at least four tournaments. Gold teams will participate in B districts with the possibility of playing in the state tournament and nationals.  Silver teams may participate in C districts upon approval from the Tournament Director and League President.  


The financial commitment involved is $450 per player, which includes all tournament fees, uniforms (2 jersey’s, a long sleeve shirt, 2 pairs of socks, visor and 1 pair of pants), All Star trophies, tournament pins and various player gifts.  Overnight stays may be required for at least one of the tournaments, which is not included in the above cost per player. Teams are encouraged to procure sponsors or fundraise to offset costs.  Registration credits earned from the HBGS Golf Ball Drop will be accepted as credit towards All Star fees.  Silent auction free registration certificates will not be accepted.